ZAR Wellness: Pioneering the Future of Cannabis with Tech-Driven Innovations

The cannabis industry has come a long way since the days it was operating in the shadows. Thanks to increased efforts for decriminalization and legalization, in many places in the United States, people have access to marijuana for medicinal and even sometimes recreational purposes. Legal cannabis is one of the youngest industries in the country, and it’s also one of the most exciting ones.

The team at ZAR Wellness certainly feels the excitement. The company was founded by Asad Shalami, a veteran combat medic, and his wife Razia, whose interests lie in medicine and marketing. Together, they charted a course for the company that made them the most notable presence in the Dallas Fort Worth – San Antonio – Huston triangle in Texas.  

Their success gave them a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of their industry.

“As a startup business with a large footprint in an emerging industry, we can evolve,” Razia explains. “Just regarding science and data, we’re scratching the surface on a lot of cannabinoids that are somewhat known in the marketplace that are becoming well known, and also new things that are coming around the corner.”

While the company has kept its focus on ensuring it places only the best quality products in front of its clients, ZAR Wellness has been noted for how hard the company has worked to bring a cannabis business in line with the current e-commerce trends.

The company makes all of its products available through an online store. It also offers free canna therapy consultations through the website, as if its e-commerce platform and the logistics behind it all weren’t already big and complex enough. ZAR Wellness can also boast its integration with Afterpay. This deal took the company eight months to negotiate, but it was still worth the effort because of its convenience to its customers.

Then, there’s the app. “You can find it through Apple iOS; it’s also on Google Play,” explains Razia. “It’s not just Leafly or a map where you can find locations and get education on different cannabinoids. It’s our shop, a channel for our products.”

The company recently integrated tech with the legal cannabis business one step further with the ZAR Box. The industry has long had issues with how to create cannabis vending machines that will be able to check someone’s ID and make sure the person showing the ID is the same person standing in front of the vending machine.

“It is the first of its kind to have AI technology facial recognition through ID Scan,” explains Razia. “ID Scan is the company the FBI, Border Patrol, and TSA utilize. So if you’re under the age and take somebody’s license or your parents, you cannot get anything out of this machine.”

The company’s investment in tech integration hasn’t gone unnoticed. The ZAR Box has drummed up interest from airports and arenas, let alone small shops with free room and a desire for easy entry into the cannabis market. The Box only contributed to the company’s broad user base with the app, the website, and their commitment to quality and safety. For a people-first business like ZAR Wellness, that’s the top priority.